Season 4,

Episode 56: The Easy and the Difficult To Living In South Korea

April 24, 2017

The easy life and the things that are difficult about living in South Korea!

Why have we lived in South Korea for so long and why do we like it so much? Scott, Adam, and Phil ask themselves this question and come up with their own answers. Korea can be a great place to live and work and we all have our own reasons we enjoy it. This week’s podcast not only looks at the things the hosts love about Korea, but also looks at the things that were most difficult for them to adjust to when first moving to South Korea. The Changwoner does their TOP 5 this week and come up with their final top 5 list of these most difficult adjustments.

It’s a podcast of love and hate towards South Korea for this episode of K-PoD!

Show Notes
  • 01:22

    Adam lets us know what some of the things have kept him living in South Korea over the past 10 years.

  • 02:50

    Phil’s been in Korea for the past 5 years and lets us know why he has stayed for so long!

  • 04:15

    For Scott, home is where his friends are. This is one of the reasons he has stayed in Korea, along with some others!

  • 06:00

    Some other factors that have made living in South Korea so enjoyable for all the hosts.

  • 08:32

    South Korea is the heart for traveling around Asia.

  • 14:00

    How things have changed for each of the hosts back in their home countries.

  • 19:22

    The Changwoner TOP 5: Things that were hard to adjust to when first moving to South Korea.

  • 20:05

    Adam gives his TOP 5 including making friends and becoming part of the community.

  • 23:12

    Bathrooms and toilets, Phil gives his TOP 5 list of difficult adjustments.

  • 25:40

    Big city life was tough for Scott, as he gives his TOP 5 list.

  • 31:27

    Scott, Adam, and Phil discuss and argue their top 5 lists to come up with a final TOP 5 things that were most difficult in moving to South Korea.

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