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Teaching English in South Korea and Asia

Teaching English in Korea and in Asia can have its difficulties.  Smart phones (cell phones) and students using them in class and where we stand as teachers with regards of their use. Controlling our classroom and how to do it!  Teaching in Korea compared to teaching in China.  Classroom sizes and more!

This is a clip from K-PoD: Life in Korea.  The podcast that brings you some of the lives of people living and working in South Korea and the people doing just that!

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Tune IN Tomorrow for Season 5!

K-Pod: Life in Korea will be returning for it’s 5th season on March 4th, 2019.


Some of the topics covered in this season will be Location and Living Conditions in Korea, health care, Teaching and Student Age Ranges, Strange Things in Korea, OINK: Only In Korea and it’s FB group, Why Korea is Different than Home?, The Best and Worst Ways to Teach and Learn English, and more!


New stories, interviews, advice, and guests coming up on season 5!
Be sure to tune in and thanks for all those listeners of the years, new ones, and support^^

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